About the project

The goal of the MetEpiClock Project, funded through an MCSA Global Fellowship and lead by Carolina Greco, is to investigate if metabolic pathways able to influence gene expression via chromatin dynamics are under circadian control and whether these regulatory networks are crucial for the maintenance of a correct metabolic homeostasis.

Recent interest and emphasize has been given to the study of the interconnection between cellular metabolism and epigenetic modifications and to the relationship of the latter with pathological conditions. The activity of most epigenetic enzymes is dependent on cellular levels of intermediate metabolites, coupling epigenetic driven transcriptional regulation with the metabolic state of the cell.

A the same time, almost all aspects of diurnal physiology are under circadian control, including numerous metabolic pathways. Defects in circadian rhythms influence physiology and behavior with implications for numerous pathological conditions, including cancer, metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and neurodegenerative disorders. Whether a direct link between circadian regulation of metabolism and epigenetic dynamics exists is an open question, one that MetEpiClock will contribute to answer.

Associated publications

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