Roberto Rusconi

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    Via Rita Levi Montalcini 4, Pieve Emanuele (MI), Italy
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Bacterial biofilms

Biofilms are bacterial communities, generally associated with a surface or an interface and embedded in a matrix of self-secreted extracellular polymeric substances, which serve a protective role for the bacterial colonies, providing increased resistance to antibiotics and host defense mechanisms. By combining microfluidics and mathematical modelling, we aimed at understanding the formation of bacterial biofilms in response to environmental conditions, including physical forces and chemical cues. Microfluidics enables exquisite control of fluid flows and simultaneous observation of microorganisms down to single-cell resolution, whereas the possibility of incorporating porous materials allows for the spatiotemporal modulation of nutrients and other chemicals while impeding the passage of the cells. Other areas of interests include the fluid mechanics of microorganisms and biological systems, the physics of active suspensions, and the development of novel microfluidic tools for ecological and biomedical applications.

    Selected Publications

  • Roberto Rusconi Publications

    Secchi E, Vitale A, Miño GL, Kantsler V, Eberl L, Rusconi R*, Stocker R*. 2020. The effect of flow on swimming bacteria controls the initial colonization of curved surfaces. Nature ...

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