Claudio Cappadona is a Ph.D. Student in Data Science in Medicine and Nutrition at Humanitas University. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and a Master degree in Molecular Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. During his Master degree he joined the laboratory of Professor Elena Cattaneo, where for two years he studied the development of the human brain and its implications in Huntington’s disease by analyzing bulk and single-cell RNA-sequencing data. His work performed during this period landed on Science.
He is currently carrying out his Ph.D. project in the laboratory of Medical Genetics and RNA Biology led by Professor Rosanna Asselta, where he studies the contribution of human genetics on complex traits, such as COVID-19 severity, using bioinformatics and statistical genetics. He currently maintains the bioinformatic pipelines used in the laboratory for variants calling and for the statistical association analysis of genetic variants in human diseases. He is also one of the Ph.D. students’ representatives.