As part of its goals, the Humanitas Research Foundation intends to promote a program of internationalization of research. The program is aimed at integrating young researchers highly motivated in the context of the research activities conducted by IRCCS Humanitas and the Humanitas University.


Post-doctoral fellows will contribute to develop a research program of one of the laboratories at Humanitas Campus under the supervision of its Principal Investigator. They will participate to a stimulating cultural and scientific environment involving a series of soft-skills courses, seminars given by national and international speakers, and programs aimed to enable and encourage to develop their independent work. Liaising with non-Italian tutors and discussants further develops the international dimension.

There are 4 positions available thanks to 5X1000 funds and donation received by Humanitas Research Foundation.

Admission is granted to candidates passing the selection process within the limit of available positions, according to a ranking based on their individual curriculum vitae and working experience.

Candidates admitted will be assigned to their preferred research topic taking into account any specific skills required to develop the research topic.


Can apply candidates with maximum 4 years from PhD or equivalent1 either foreigners or Italians that have spent two out of the last three years abroad.

Host Istitution

IRCCS Humanitas

It is a centre of excellence in terms of quality of its healthcare services covering 10 different clinical areas and its ability to translate the results of research and innovation into everyday clinical practice. The research center covers an area of 5000 m2 exclusively dedicated to basic and clinical research. This area hosts 11 research groups and animal facility.

Humanitas University

It is an international university dedicated to the life sciences in Milan. Education and training fully integrated with Humanitas Hospital and the Scientific Research Center.

Duration & Working Language

The programme is scheduled to begin on January 10th 2022. The duration is 3 years. The official language is English.

Salary and Benefits


  • Selected candidates will receive a fellowship for a period of 3 years. One year extension will also be considered
  • The post-doc will receive remuneration of 35.000 Euros/gross per year
  • € 500 gross allowance monthly
  • € 5.000 relocation U.T.


  • Visa and administrative assistance for foreigners
  • Paid vacation days and maternity leave
  • Health care coverage through the Italian National Health system
  • Free courses to learn Italian and to improve your English.
  • Free participation to international meetings and workshops organized by Host Institution
  • Participation to at least one international scientific meeting per year provided that the applicant will present data
  • Specific training in Scientific Writing and Management, Intellectual Proprietary Valorization, Team Leading and Group Organization.


The topics are as follows:

The selection of a topic is compulsory, application without topic indication will be not considered.

How to Apply

Applicants wishing to enrol must either be in possession of a ”PhD diploma” or equivalent [1]

The application together with the attachments described below, must be submitted through email, on pain of exclusion, no later than September 7th 2021.

Candidates must produce a reference letter directly from the referent preferably amongst those who have recently supervised their scientific research work.

The application procedure requires the following documents to be uploaded in PDF format only:

  1. Curriculum vitae describing the qualifications held (including publications and participation at conferences) and all professional and research experience which can be used to assess the applicant’s aptitude for scientific research (candidates are advised to use the Europass format for their CV;
  2. Letter of Motivation in English totalling a maximum of 2000 characters including spaces, explaining why the applicant wishes to enrol and the reason for their choice of research topics indicated on their application; please do not repeat information provided in the CV;
  3. Copy of a valid identification document, or for non-EU applicants, a passport;
  4. Diploma Supplement – or equivalent certification – issued by the university which awarded the academic qualification presented for the purposes of admission to the selection process, i.e. certification in English or Italian language from the university where the applicant was enrolled.


Admission to the Post-doctoral programme is based on a selection process which assesses qualifications and an interview carried out by a Commission consisting of a maximum of 3 members.

The aim of the selection process is to assess the knowledge, skills and aptitudes of applicants for scientific clinical or translational research. The assessment of these elements is based on the evaluation of the documentation submitted by the applicants and an interview designed to establish whether candidates possess the specific basic skills needed to carry out the research projects indicated in the application.

The evaluation of the curriculum and qualifications will take into account the candidate’s entire university career, publications submitted, professional and laboratory experience and periods of study or research with foreign universities and research bodies. Other qualifications submitted by the candidate pertaining to their aptitude for scientific research will also be considered.

Every application will be evaluated by the Commission.

Each expert will score independently the application using the following score:

Research project             0-30

CV, Accomplishments    0-30

Letters of references     0-20

Statement of interest    0-20


Short-listed candidates will be evaluated by the Committee orally.

The interview will be held during the week beginning 13th September and will be conducted REMOTELY.

The interview will include a presentation of the research project chosen by the candidate, followed by a general discussion aimed at assessing the candidate’s professional skills and motivation.

Criteria and score ranges

Professional Skill                   0-30

Motivation                            0-30

English fluency                     0-10

Communication skills            0-30


For further information please send an email to: 

[1] The equivalence of a foreign academic qualification is evaluated by the Committee appointed to assess applications for admission in accordance with current legislation in Italy and the country where the qualification itself was awarded, as well as with international treaties or agreements pertaining to the recognition of the qualification. For this purpose, the University may require the applicant to provide a Declaration of value in loco issued by the competent Italian diplomatic authorities in the country where the qualification was awarded. This document should provide evidence that the academic qualification allows access to post-graduate programmes equivalent to that of the country where the qualification was awarded.


Pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679, the Fondazione Humanitas per la Ricerca and Humanitas University undertakes to respect the confidential nature of information supplied by candidates; all data supplied will only be used for the purposes associated with the admission procedure and for managing relations with the University, in full compliance with current legislation.