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The scientific career of Michela Matteoli has focused on the synapse as the site of communication between neurons and, more recently, on how synapse function is affected by inflammation. Michela Matteoli’s lab activity aims at understanding the molecular mechanisms at the basis of synapse dysfunctions in neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental diseases and at defining how glia-neuron interaction and inflammation impact this processes, in order to identify new targets suitable for therapeutic intervention in humans. The lab is interested in defining the interactions between the immune and the nervous system during neuronal development and at assessing the mechanisms which underline the cell-to-cell communication processes between these two systems. The approaches used in the lab include confocal microscopy, cell and molecular biology, single cell calcium imaging, electrophysiology, mouse behavior.

We have three major areas of interest:

Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptopathies

Definition of how environmental stimuli, and in particular inflammation, cooperate with the genetic background to induce a pathological state of the synapse (immune-synaptopathies)

Implications of these processes are investigated in neurodevelopmental diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and brain tumors.

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