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    Via Rita Levi Montalcini, 4, 20090 Pieve Emanuele (MI)
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Our group aims at understanding the molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases, particularly heart failure and the broad spectrum molecular events that control myocardial function, with a multilevel, bench to bedside approach. Our ultimate goal is to understand better cardiovascular diseases, contributing to innovation in diagnostics and therapeutics.

Epigenetics and cardiovascular diseases: understanding how risk factors or noxae affect the epigenome of cells of the cardiovascular system; understanding the mechanisms of action of epigenetic regulation of gene expression in cardiovascular cells, particularly in the context of heart failure with the aim of identifying new therapeutic targets.

Role of immune-inflammation in myocardial diseases: in collaboration with other groups at Humanitas University, we study the role of innate and acquired in myocardial remodeling in cardiovascular diseases with the aim to understand better disease mechanisms and to define new therapeutic tools.

Identification of biomarkers of cardiovascular diseases: we aim at identifying new biomarkers with diagnostic and prognostic value for heart failure assessment.

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