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Inflammation and Immunology in Cardiovascular Pathologies Lab

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    Building C, Humanitas University Campus, Pieve Emanuele (MI), Italy
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Our lab aims at understanding the molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases, particularly heart failure and the broad spectrum of molecular events that control myocardial function, with a multilevel, bench to bedside methodology.


The challenge

Heart failure is the clinical end-point of many cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), such as hypertension, myocardial infarction, cardiomyopathy and myocarditis. Despite the advancement in prevention and early diagnosis, these pathologies are the main cause of death and disabilities worldwide. By better understanding cellular and molecular mechanisms behind heart failure we could identify new therapeutic targets and dramatically improve the quality of life for millions of patients with CVDs.

Main research areas

Epigenetics of cardiovascular diseases

We want to understand how risk factors and tissue damage modify gene expression in cells of the cardiovascular system and how such dysregulated gene expression affect cells behavior in the context of heart failure and atherosclerosis.

Role of immune-inflammation in cardiovascular diseases

In collaboration with other research groups at Humanitas Research Hospital and Humanitas University, we study the role that innate and acquired immunity play in remodeling myocardial tissues and in atherosclerosis. Our final goal is to better understand the involvement of the immune system in cardiovascular diseases, leading the way towards new therapeutic approaches targeting inflammation in CVDs.

Innovative biomarkers of cardiovascular diseases

By studying the downstream molecules produced by gene expression reprogramming and immune-inflammation in CVDs, we aim at identifying new biomarkers with diagnostic and prognostic value for disease assessment.

    Selected Publications

  • Condorelli selected publications

    Anselmo A, Frank, D, Papa L, Viviani Anselmi C, Di Pasquale E, Mazzola M, Panico C, Clemente F, Soldani C, Pagiatakis C, Hinkel R, Thalmann R, Kozlik-Feldmann R, Miragoli M, ...

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