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The tumor microenvironment Unit is focused on the investigation of the mechanisms exploited by the tumor to escape from the immune response and to re-educate the immune infiltrate in its favor. We combine multi-parametric flow cytometry and advanced RNA sequencing approaches to dissect at the single cell level the mechanisms underlying the evasion of cancer from the immune recognition. We take advantage of transgenic mouse models developing prostate cancer at different progression stages, in order to explore in vivo the interaction between the tumor and its immune microenvironment, to evaluate the impact of the immune subsets in metastasis formation and to test new therapeutic approaches aimed at limiting cancer progression. The group is also investigating the correlation between the immune landscape of prostate cancer patients and the resistance to therapies. Final scope is to offer new and efficient therapeutic strategies to treat advanced prostate cancer.

Investigation of the mechanisms underlying the interaction between tumor cells and infiltrating innate immune subsets

We will dissect in vitro and in vivo the mechanisms utilized by the tumor to re-educate the innate immune compartment in its favor. We are working at the identification of molecules and signaling pathways that confer a pro-tumoral function to tumor-associated macrophages. We are also interested in investigating the impact of tumor infiltrating macrophages in tumor progression and metastasis formation.

Immune-profiling of the immune landscape in prostate cancer patients

We are combining multi-parametric flow cytometry and RNA sequencing approaches to provide a comprehensive characterization at single cell level of the immune landscape in prostate cancer patients. We will investigate the correlation existing between the tumor immune microenvironment and the peripheral immune composition with resistance to therapies.

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    Selected Publications: 20-25 publications listed in details with all the contributing authors, title of the papers, journal, dates. Di Mitri D, Mirenda M, Vasilevska J, Calcinotto A, Delaleu N, Revandkar A, Gil V, Boysen G, Losa M, Mosole S, Pasquini ...

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