The Histology Core provides advanced services, including tissue processing for fixed paraffin-embedded and/or cryopreserved samples, special tissue processing such as bone decalcification and specific orientation, optimization and performance of staining protocols, routine histochemical staining including but not limited to: carbohydrates, connective tissue, fats, lipids, microorganisms, nuclear elements, pigments, silver techniques, immunohistochemical, immunofluorescence, in situ hybridization and procedures and DNA studies.

The Core serves all the Research Groups as well as collaborative projects with the Clinical Units of the Humanitas Research Hospital. The Histology Core processes more than 6000 paraffin-embedded tissue blocks per year and more than 50000 slides are prepared.

The Core also offers consultation for immuno-protocol development and computer-aided image morphometric applications with troubleshooting and assistance in analysis and interpretation of results.