Located in the Humanitas University Campus, HuGE is the genomics core facility of Humanitas Research Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and is operated by highly-qualified scientists to enable pioneering basic, translational and clinical research, with the final goal of improving human health.

We strongly believe that genomic research can be performed at the best only when there is a complete synergy between cutting edge technologies, human expertise and multidisciplinary collaboration. By housing a complete NGS workflow in a single facility and a centralized expertise in advanced methods to generate and read genomic data, the HuGE mission is to support basic science discovery and translational studies through key services in the field of genetics, genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics and metagenomics.

About the Genomics Facility services

DNA microarrays are a well-established technology for genome-wide characterization of gene transcription, single nucleotide variation, copy number variation and epigenetic cytosine methylation: we employ the most robust and accurate method on the market, the Illumina BeadArray platform.

For Next Generation Sequencing, the facility operates the Illumina NExtSeq Sequencing Systems, the 10X Genomics Chromium Controller and the Nanostring GeoMx DSP workflow. Leveraging the advanced speed and throughput capabilities of the NextSeq platforms, investigators can accelerate their research by performing large scale sequencing studies.

In particular, on nucleic acids purified from different sources (snap frozen, FFPE, cell coulter, organoids, plasma and blood), the Huge Facility provides the following analyses in a single-end or a pair-end sequencing mode:

  • Genome sequencing: WGS/ WES and targeted enrichment sequencing
  • Transcriptome sequencing: total RNA-Seq and mRNA-Seq
  • Analysis of small non-coding RNAs: miRNA-Seq
  • Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis: Methyl/BS-Seq. Methyl array profiling
  • Single-cell genomic applications (scRNA-Seq/Multiome)
  • Spatial Transcriptomic
  • Genome-wide location analysis of nucleic acid-protein interactions: ChIP-Seq

The HuGE Facility continues to establish new protocols enabling the processing of challenging samples such as low input with bad quality (low RIN/Din number) or metagenomics samples. In addition to standard services, we can customize them based on your needs.

Turnaround time

  • Illumina Beads Array = 1.7 weeks (± 1.5 weeks)
  • NGS based = 4 weeks (± 2 weeks)
  • scRNAseq = 3.5 week (± 2 weeks)
  • Spatial = 6 weeks (± 1.5 weeks)