The Humanitas Genomic Unit and Sequencing Facility is a multidisciplinary unit working in the Genomic field whose main mission is to provide an efficient, productive, interactive and cost-effective internal sequencing service.

The main application fields of Next Generation Sequencing at Humanitas are:

1) Transcriptomics: mRNA-seq, totalRNAseq, smallRNAseq

2) Epigenomics: ChIP-seq, Methyl-seq, ATAC-seq

3) Human Genetics Studies: Exome-seq, Target resequencing, Whole Genome seq

4) Oncogenomics: cancer genes-panel sequencing, single-cell CNV/genome/exome sequencing.

5) Single-cell omics: single-cell gene expression, single-cell immune profiling

6) Microbiome and Metagenomic profiling, host/pathogen/microbial community interaction analysis: Microbiome-seq (16s rDNA amplicon sequencing), Metagenome-seq  (shotgun whole metagenomic sequencing), Metatranscriptome or Dual-RNAseq

The Genomic Unit working team consists of highly qualified and specialized personnel with both technical and scientific documented experience in the application of sequencing technology in the many different research fields which are the basis of Humanitas’ excellence at the national and international level.

Training courses

Every year a theoretical and practical course on Single-cell sequencing with 10x Genomics technology is organized. Please contact the facility manager for specific information.


The Genomic Unit and Sequencing Facility can offer the following  services:

  1. DNA/RNA quality and quantity Check with TapeStation Agilent, LabChip GX, Qubit fluorimeter, Glomax fluorimeter
  2. Library preparation for: mRNA-seq, totalRNAseq, smallRNAseq, ChIP-seq, Methyl-seq, ATAC-seq, Microbiome-seq (16s rDNA amplicons), Metagenome-seq , Metatranscriptome or Dual-RNAseq, Exome-seq, Target resequencing, Whole Genome seq, cancer genes-panel sequencing, single-cell ATAC sequencing, single-cell gene expression, single-cell immune profiling
  3. Sequencing on NextSeq 500 and NextSeq 550 with the generation of Single End or Paired End reads with a maximum length of 150 bp.
  4. Sequencing on AB 3500DX Genetic Analyzer with full service sequencing, Ready-to-run sequencing, Fragment Analysis
  5. Illumina Beads Arrays Hybridization and Scanning both for Gene Expression and Methylation analysis.