The Humanitas Flow Cytometry Core supports the activity of the research groups within Humanitas related to flow cytometric analysis and cell sorting, and provides advanced support for experimental design, polychromatic antibody panel development, data acquisition and computational analysis. By closely collaborating with the Translational Immunology Lab as well as other laboratories in the institute, the Core advances flow cytometry technology to increase the analysis capability at the level of single cells. The Core recently optimized 30-parameter flow cytometry analysis and aims to develop 50-parameter flow cytometry in the near future, so to offer cutting-edge approaches for the analysis of single cells for basic research as well as for clinical trials in patients with immune-related diseases.


Our Facility comprises 4 cell analyzers and 1 cell sorter. The capability of cytometers to detect simultaneously up to 30 parameters (either physical, molecular or biological) on a high number of cells per seconds (up to 10,000) make flow cytometry the technology of choice to count cells and simultaneously analyze several parameters with high sensitivity in a very short period of time. Moreover, it is possible to exploit these parameters to physically separate population of interest from a complex mixture of cells. The flow cytometry applications available in our facility are the following: immunophenotyping, cell counting, detection of fluorescent proteins, cell cycle and DNA content analysis, telomere length measurement, Ca++ flux, cell viability, apoptosis and proliferation, cytokines detection, microvesicle detection, and cell sorting.

Training courses

The Humanitas Flow Cytometry Core offers free Basic and Advanced Flow Cytometry Course for internal users who want to have access to flow cytometry analyzers and the cell sorter (mandatory). External users can attend the course by paying a fee of EUR 150+22% VAT. To register please contact our secretary Laura Luraschi ( and specify lab of origin, position held and phone number.

Collaborations and contacts

The Humanitas Flow Cytometry Core does not offer flow cytometry analysis or cell sorting service but is open to collaborations with external labs on projects in the field of immunology, cardiology and neuroscience. Special emphasis is given to projects involving high-dimensional single cell analysis of the immune system for basic and translational research (e.g., immunomonitoring). If you are interested in working with us, please contact Dr. Enrico Lugli:


Phone: 02-8224.5143