The Unit of Advanced Optical Microscopy provides access to optical technology for biomedical research in the field of biological science. The support Unit provides acquisition of Imaging data for basic and advanced applications for the Humanitas researchers. The Unit of Advanced Optical Microscopy is also involved in scientific collaborations (external and internal) for the development of the microscopy based applications for biomedical research.

The major objectives of the Unit are:

  • Set up, maintain and develop optical technology for basic and advanced research
  • Provide theoretical and practical training and assistance to introduce biomedical researchers to optical instrumentation and advanced imaging applications
  • Perform independent and collaborative research for the development of advanced imaging-based technology

The Unit of Advanced Optical Microscopy provides access to state-of-art light microscopy for scientist within and outside the institute. The Unit comprises a wide range of microscopes for live or fixed samples, including bright-field microscopes, wide-field fluorescence microscopes, confocal microscopes, equipped with Super-Resolution (STED) and Single-Molecule Detection (SMD, FLIM/FCS) modes, multi-photon microscope, in vivo optical imaging instruments for luminescence and fluorescence tomography.

High-capacity network of digital workstations is also available for the processing and analysis of imaging data.

The staff is involved in a wide range of scientific collaborations to support users in their studies in different fields of research, such as Oncology, Immunology, Neuroscience and Cardiology. The staff is also focused to the development of new methodologies and techniques aimed at significantly enhance bioimaging research.